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All are services are based on the latest research in diversity and inclusion that are applicable to your sector. If you are a business no need to wade through any extraneous data we will show how you can maximize your diversity ROI. Whether you are in health care, education or law enforcement we will communicate the research and share the tools applicable to diversity and inclusion in your sector and work. So you can be sure that the time and resources spent in our training, workshops, or consulting will be applicable.


We take pride in offering our clients many different options to choose from.  But the one option you won’t see us offer is a cookie cutter workshop.

Our knowledgebase of workshops are customized to address each specific organization’s needs.

You’re unique. So the information we provide you should be too. Below are a few samples of workshop topics to get your gears turning about what we could work on together.

  • Cultural Intelligence Awareness Workshop 
  • Reimagining Diversity: Understanding Unintentional Bias in Our Modern Society 
  • Becoming a Culturally Intelligent Organization 
  • Developing a Diversity and Inclusion Plan 
  • Mindful Diversity Leadership 
  • Before You Go: Cultural Intelligence for Mission Teams


We’re here to help your business, organization, or faith community develop, revise, or re-imagine your diversity efforts. Beyond training, our consulting services provide a pathway for organizations to find the most effective approach to their diversity efforts.

Whatever your organization’s size or sector, it’s our job to gather the latest research and best practices that in turn give you with the tools needed to address your mission centered workplace diversity needs.


We assist leaders of diversity change in being as effective as possible in their efforts. Coaching components include strategy sessions specific to your professional and personal needs as well as face to face and online coaching sessions over a 3-12 month period.


Are you ready to further your understanding of diversity and inclusion?
Are you reDI? Our seminars are day-long, sector-specific, and designed to provide practical solutions that increase the effectiveness of diversity efforts within organizations.

All our seminars examine sector-specific values; explore current realities of diversity and historical barriers to inclusion; and offer tailored solutions that can shape your next action steps.

See descriptions of the seven seminars available.

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