it's time for a new paradigm

With fifty years of work in the field of diversity behind us it is appropriate to ask whether the way we have approached the work in the past is still effective? The Reimagine Diversity and Inclusion Project's work is based on new thinking by some of the early innovators in the work of diversity and inclusion that we need to take a fresh look at the way we approach the work. To make a paradigm shift away from shame, blame and guilt to find real solutions for effectively addressing diversity and inclusion. If you aren't seeing the change you desire, getting the ROI you planned or reaching the outcomes you hoped for then we can help you reimagine your diversity and inclusion efforts to align your values with outcomes.

reimagine:to imagine again,to form a new conception of, recreate -Merriam Webster Dictionary

The Reimagine Diversity and Inclusion Project is committed to not just re-thinking or reinventing equity, diversity and inclusion or using new terms for the same old stuff. Through the use of recent research in human behavior sciences we re-imagine equity diversity and inclusion. We develop innovative new approaches to equity, diversity and inclusion suited for the 21st century while maintaining the intention of the historical work in social justice. Based on the latest scientific research and best practices : The Reimagine Diversity and Inclusion Project's training and consulting services brings all the latest innovation and knowledge in equity, diversity and inclusion to assist businesses and organizations from all sectors to find most effective ways to enhance their equity, diversity and inclusion efforts. Through our training, coaching and consulting contextualized for your setting, your businesses or organization will acquire the tools to be effective in an increasingly diverse society.

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