The Reimagine Diversity and Inclusion Project is committed to the continued development  and  implementation of a 21st century paradigm for diversity change. That paradigm is based on the latest research in human behavior science; effective customized solutions accessible to all and Culture-Mutual (TM) outcomes. To facilitate that work in the broader community we will launch the culture mutual(tm) network in 2015.


What is the Culture Mutual Network?

  • A community of people committed to 21st century diversity change
  • A knowledgebase of resources for exploring, engaging and implementing 21st century diversity change
  • A place for sharing information, ideas, news, strategies for 21st century diversity change

How much does the network cost? Membership in the network is free. Premium services may be provided on request at an additional cost.

How do I join? Simply complete the online registration. Then activate your membership to be given access to network features.